Friday, March 7, 2014

A Surprisingly Eventful Birthday

We hadn't planned much for Cedric's actual birthday.
Some cupcakes and maybe swimming.
Then Jeff agreed to do a gig for Shaun Bosch at Cafe Haven so new plans were born.
We still did some {pre-dinner} cupcakes.
I mean, what's better than dessert before supper for your birthday? 
The music was great as always.
Cedric was pretty psyched to see Daddy the rockstar in action again.
 He was also stoked that Fiona actually gave him birthday cuddles.
 As did Gram.
My parents just happen to live 5 minutes from this venue so came out for the music and to see the birthday boy.
After Shaun's set, Ken Stead took the stage.
This was a new artist for me and I was so happy to have discovered him.
I loved his songs so much I bought an album before heading home, definitely worth checking out.
 We finished the night with some Famoso and some laughs.
 I just love my little family of jokers.


  1. Great photos! Mmmmm, I LOVE Famoso (especially the Nutella pizza).

    Happy Birthday Cedric!

    1. I agree! We've always stuffed ourselves too much to enjoy it though!

  2. Love those unexpectedly eventful days. Glad to see all those smiles.

    1. Me too, so satisfying if it all just happens. Thanks Charmian!


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