Thursday, March 6, 2014

We're Counting in Years Now Folks

I'm pausing from my shamefully un-prompt vacation posts to focus on the sweetest little guy I know.
Don't get me wrong now, he's a handful but I really wouldn't change a thing about him.
Today he's 2!
Officially a toddler everyone, did you hear that?
A toddler!
 He's probably actually been one for while but I'm in denial.
That's the way with your second right? 
You swear that they're still your baby for as long as possible.
I mean, look at this angel.
Those cheeks and lips just scream baby.
{Every once in a while I become aware of the fact that this blog will definitely embarrass my kids some day.  Now is one of those times.}
 Ced is still a man of few words but is consistently picking more up.
His favourite this week are "tick" {stick}, "puck" {umm, he says that one perfectly}, and "cooooore" {he scooooores}.
I'm pretty sure I'm watching my hopes of not being a hockey Mom go down the drain as we speak.
 He loves anything motorized and any type of ball or thing to whack said ball with.
He loves his sister and will regularly try to cuddle with her whether she likes it or not.
{She more often does not.}
I want to give this kid the world and he totally deserves it.
He, however, got this shiner for his birthday after a lost battle with the stairs.
I think that's still one of the cutest mugs you ever did see.
And as anyone who knows how much of a daredevil our birthday boy is would say.
Wasn't the first, won't be the last.

Happy 2nd Birthday handsome.


What do you think I auto know?


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