Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Weekend - Finally!

I didn't want to let last weekend go without sharing since it was such a great one for us.
I love winterguard season but I feel a huge relief when it's over.
Getting those Sundays back as a family day is amazing.

Last Saturday Fiona and I had a mommy-and-me outing.
Diana tipped us off about this great event held by the Alberta Ballet.
To introduce their 2013 season they put on a sampler performance for the public.
This was the first time Fiona had seen live professional ballet and she loved it.
I mean, how can you go wrong when they open with the Sugar Plum Fairy?
After the performance there were crowns to make and costumes to try on.
We even found one just for Fiona.
{I promise, Fiona wasn't being grumpy, just silly in my photo attempt below.}
We finished off the day with a couple of birthday celebrations.
On Sunday we decided to head to the zoo.
In the winter?  You might say.
I was a little hesitant myself but it was great.
The place was all but deserted and some of the animals seemed more content in the cool weather.
One exception was the water fowl who's winter abode pales in comparison to the summer pond.
{No photo included, it was too sad to photograph.}
This was Cedric's first real experience seeing jungle animals so his reaction was great to watch.
Here's to many more lazy family days in our future.

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