Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a Picture Friday

I have been feeling the need to post about some amazing local photographers lately.
It is because of Just Married Photography that we have these beautiful shots of the most important times in our lives to date.

They must have known something we didn't.  
The wedding pic I chose is taken against the wall of an auto-part store {pre-shop owning}.

Urban wedding photoBaby Kiss
Cute chubby babyBaby in the Fall
Baby smirkChild picture
Baby reflection in pianoBaby in a scaleCute Babe in a bowl
Big sister and little brotherHappy family - Shield Automotive


  1. I love the pictures Cheryl! You and Jeff have such a beautiful family. Seeing the wedding photo reminded me of the amazing time Scott and I had at your wedding and how honored we were to be able to share in that day with you both! You definitely have found an amazing photographer whom is doing a fabulous job in chronicling your lives together :) We miss you both :)

  2. Thanks for starting and sharing this blog - love it! I really gotta start mine up again, its been over a year!

    You and your family are gorgeous! Hug yourself for me :)


    1. Thanks Lisa!
      I would love to read about your life.
      It always looks like you've got a lot on the go!

  3. The pictures are unbelievable. But with your family it's hard not to get a good shot. Miss you much my friend!


  4. Thanks so much Cheryl! It has been such a pleasure to document your family :D


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