Monday, March 11, 2013

Cedric's Photo Party

It took me a while to decide what Cedric's first birthday party theme would be.
I kept asking myself what Cedric is "in to".
I know right?  Is a one year old really "in to" anything?
So I decided to make the party about what I'm in to.
And that is pictures of Cedric.
A theme was born.

It snowballed from there.
All puns were intended and stretched out at painful length on this invite.
 Decor was, what else but a bunch of pics of the birthday boy clipped to paper banners.
I also cut out "Oh Snap" in cardstock and sewed the letters together for a vertical banner.
A couple of Jeff's Grandpa's antique cameras made for a great centrepiece.
 For food we needed something "cheesy" so quesedillas fit the bill.
The Brie & Pear and Goat Cheese & Asparagus were delicious, both will be made again.
All possible food puns were pulled out to complete the menu.

I made a 2 tier cake covered with fondant with a camera graphic on top.
It's not quite as I had envisioned it but since I was designing this at 3:30am I'm letting it slide.
Yep, I realized that my store cake batter didn't work at midnight.
After Jeff did a convenience store run for eggs I ended up making this chocolate cake.
It turned out great but at the time that end result didn't seem possible.
Of course it was all worth it when I watched my little man devouring his piece.
 We set up a "photo booth" on the Mac which was a lot of fun.
The masks were a huge hit and were a Dollarama special for $1.25.
To reiterate the birthday boy's opening sentiment, thanks to all our fabulous friends and family who made it out to celebrate!

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