Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest: Keep it and Kill it {again}

Keep it:
This is absolutely genius.
It's a growth ruler that you actually want in plain view.
No hiding this baby behind doors.
I pinned this from a website that sells them and thought it looked easy enough to do.
I bought a 6 foot 2"x6" from the hardware store and a paint pen and stencils from the craft store.
Stained it with some leftover stain then measured out the 1" marks and stencilled the numbers.
{If you make this don't forget to start at the 6" mark so you can hang it off the ground.}
Lastly I used some leftover varnish to protect it and give it a finished look.
I later found out that there are DIY links for this project but was glad I worked it out on my own.
 Sorry the pics are so dark, electrical is not the best in our 1914 home.
Perfect segue to...

Kill it:
Our house was built in 1914.
I love the character but one thing I could do without is the lack of outlets.
Outlets in 1914, not so important.
Outlets in 2012, essential.
The outlet shortage stuck us with this awkward charging arrangement.
The cord is currently sitting on a stool at our kitchen island.
Right where my daughter has breakfast every morning.
But doesn't it get in the way and doesn't Fiona play with it?
Yes and yes!
I loved this pin as soon as I saw it.
                                                                             Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

It seems so simple, how could it go wrong?
Well, the problem I have is that my counters are all too thick for these clips. 
I either need thinner counters or bigger clips.
I'm killing this one because I feel like bigger clips would stick out too far and get knocked off.
Good idea but not for this household.


  1. Have you seen this kind of thing? there are some that actually screw down on the faceplate.... they might help.
    OR perhaps we should have a crafty day - and make some of these, in different sizes...

  2. or this kind - made out of a bottle? We could totally do this sort of thing...

  3. I actually bought that first one a couple years ago and it was a bust.
    The phone didn't stay on it!
    Also, Jeff is not good at using things like this, it turned out to be something else that highlights his lack of organization and for me to get annoyed at him about. I'm trying really hard to not be annoyed about these silly things but it happens despite my efforts.
    I'm not trying to sound like a jerk about it or anything, it's just a cold hard fact and I've accepted this about him.
    I've gone on a tangent, at least it's on my own blog right?

  4. The lotion bottle one however, that has potential!

  5. I love your project! And it makes me want to make one too! But I probably won't...


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