Friday, September 6, 2013

Cedric at 1.5

We're celebrating a half birthday over here today.
Nothing big planned, just a fabulous day of playground, gymnastics and banana bread. 
Gram's recipe is ridiculously good so it's almost like a cake.
My poor kids are in for a lifetime of me trying to convince them that loaves are cake and a vegetable stick assortment is a fun snack.

Cedric at 18 months is 30" {over 2" gained in the last 6 months} and 23 lbs.
As I wrote the above sentence I was just reminded to book Cedric's vaccines.
See, blogging saves lives people.

His vocabulary is expanding all the time but he loves his faves such as: 
"harrow" {hello}
"umm nuuu" {num num}
"cook-a" {cookie/cracker}
"bawwl" {ball}
"bubbaaa" {bubble}
"buuuuu" {book}
"bowwwww" {boat}
"bowwwww" {airplane}
"bowwwww" {car}
And the old stand-bys Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh and "Go-ooooo!".

He insists on doing everything his big sis does on the playground.
The only difference being that there's a Mama standing below him {who he completely ignores}.
He's sweet but the stubbornness determination is coming through.
As I put together this Cedric collage I was struck by how fast he's growing.
I know, I know, every parent says that.
 But you really never can be prepared for the breakneck pace.
Starting next month he'll even be attending the same preschool program as Fiona.
I'll be looking for your support when that time comes.
Happy half birthday little man.


  1. Oh my, how fast these early months go by. They change so quickly. Happy 1.5 Cedric!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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