Thursday, September 12, 2013

Final Ontario Post {For Real}

After the service the rest of our trip was spent visiting.
And by the rest of our trip I mean Saturday.
We fit this trip between my work shifts.
As a former manager and business owner I am aware that asking for time off as soon as you start is a great way to make a not-so-great impression on your boss.
So we squeezed it.

First stop, terrorize check out Gram's new digs.
There isn't much in the way of entertainment at care centres, at least not the variety little ones crave.
{Backgammon anyone?}
Being the resourceful kids who they are though, they made their own fun.
The fish tank and model lighthouse provided entertainment for the first 15 minutes.
Cedric lodged himself behind a door that locks open.
 Then gave us the mother-of-all-stinker-looks when he realized he was the only one who could fit.
We did eventually get them to pose for some pics and sit with their GG.
Sitting quietly, however, is not their favourite.
Fiona took a shining to a ball of pink yarn and started a game of catch.
Catch then escalated to whip-at-yo-head and was shut down for safety reasons.
Thankfully GG got a kick out of it at every level of intensity.

Our next destination was Aunt Julie's.
There were two little chairs just for them and some perfectly selected toys.
 She has a great shady backyard which the kids terrorized loved.
 I mean, did you see that look?
I can only imagine the pranks in store for us at the hands of this little man.

We managed a little nap before a dinner and park date with my Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Cathy and cousin Sarah.
At dinner Jeff and Sarah bonded over their mutual desire to be organic farmers.
{Remind me to tell you someday about Jeff's retirement plans for us.}
The night was really chill at the park.
It was my turn to have a rare chat with Sarah.
I've mentioned before that I grew up away from my extended family.
I never attended the large Christmas dinners or birthday celebrations.
Now I'm not complaining.
 My parents made our celebrations so special and I wouldn't change a thing.
I am, however, glad that Fiona and Cedric will have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins close by.
I felt especially grateful for this when a great conversation with my cousin was cut short.
Now we're on opposite ends of the country and most likely won't pick it up again.
Sure it seems like everyone's so connected across the world.
I might be able to find her on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest or Facebook {though she went off years ago}.
I also may be able to contact her via email, text, iMessage, Facetime or Skype.
But even with all these available forms of communication there's nothing like sitting side by side on a grassy hill at dusk.

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