Friday, September 27, 2013

Green Boy Leggings

Jeff would argue that there is no such thing.
Boy leggings that is.
I disagree and I'm in charge of wardrobe so I guess I win.
Anyways I decided to hand down a couple pairs of Fiona's old leggings and wanted to boy them up a bit.
Boy leggings
I think if Cedric wore these with the heart buttons it might just push Jeff over the edge.
I had already cut up the shirt for another project that I'll share some other time.
This one went a little something like this.
1. Cut the bottom hem off the pants {in this case all the girly stuff}.
2. Cut the sleeves off the shirt {measure the width cuff you want + 1cm}.
3. Pin right sides together, matching raw edges.
4. Sew with at least a cm seam allowance.  {I turned mine inside out so I could sew along a stripe.}

Done, easy.
You could obviously buy fabric for the bottom but this way the cost was $0.
Boy leggings
And then you too can show off the cutest little chicken wing legs.

PS. Don't judge my cobwebs.

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