Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Labour Day Weekend

I'm still working on my last Ontario post but in the meantime wanted to share our weekend.
We headed out to the lake on Friday to maximize our last summer weekend.
On Saturday afternoon we cleaned up {as well as you can without running water} and drove back for our friend Josie's wedding.
It was at the Oasis Centre which provided many photo ops during cocktail hour in the garden.
Here's Cedric striking his very best casual pose.
And Fiona doing a fierce take on the "contemplating".
Cocktail hour also led to some fish-tank antics.
These fish were actually a major life saver with the kids.
 Cedric soon figured out that he was the only one small enough to fit behind the tank.
This of course meant that he was back there every chance he got.
Giggling away, naturally.
I probably shouldn't forget to mention this fabulous couple.
Congrats Josie and Kajan, thanks for letting us share your day.
{And a beautiful day it was.}
After the wedding it was back to the cabin to soak up those last days of summer.
The mornings were chilly which graced us with some beautiful foggy scenes.
 The leaves were coming down and subsequently being raked into jumping piles.
 Warm oatmeal felt just right.
 Finally, my morning runs were the perfect temperature and gorgeous.
Jeff, on the other hand, has taken to running in the evenings.
{Yes, you read that correctly, Jeff is running!}
And he has certainly noticed the earlier sunsets. 
After realizing how dark it would be he ended up running down our country road with a carving fork.
{In case of a coyote run in.}
Now that's dedication.
Hope you all had a great Labour Day.


  1. That's a great family pic, Cheryl! Looks like you guys had a good trip.

    p.s. I loved your packing pics, too.

    1. Thanks Dajana! We have surprisingly few family pics so I was pleased that it turned out!


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