Monday, September 16, 2013

Climb of Hope 2013

I never thought I would hear Jeff utter the words "fun" and "run" in the same sentence.
Well folks it happened.
I know, socks knocked thoroughly off.
This event was so well run that we have already signed up for next year.
Sure, there has been an abnormal amount of cursing in our stairwell the last couple of days.
Jeff may or may not be soaking in scalding hot water to ease the calf pain.
And a pointed foot is no small feat {ha!} today. 
All thanks to the name of this game: Stairs.
Hence the "climb" of course.
Climb of Hope 2013
The true test were these dreaded Hotel Mac Stairs near the end of this 5.5K.

Luckily it was as beautiful a run as it was tough.
Set in the amazing Edmonton River Valley.
Climb of Hope 2013
We didn't get a team pic but I did capture the rest of the team crossing the finish line.
I promise Chloe was running right up to the end despite her nonchalant composure.
Climb of Hope 2013
Obviously we were all there for the run and the cause.
But I'm pretty sure no one was complaining about the Starbucks coffee and Hudson's burgers.

Team Track and Shield is 2 members strong for September 2014 and recruiting.

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  1. You enter in every race/marathon don't you!? Good for you guys!!

    Awesome pictures too.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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