Thursday, September 19, 2013

Green Bag

It's been so long since I've done a "green" project.
It's actually been a while since I've done a project of any sort.
Unless you count yard work and gardening of course. 
All our summer time is spent outside and at the lake.
Everything else takes a spot on the back burner.
Fall is the perfect time for a little reusing since our needs change at this time of year.
The kids are involved in new activities so we need to equip them accordingly.

Fiona started a dance class this fall.
I'm in heaven by the way. 
This is in fact the sweetest dance class you've ever seen.
These little 3 and 4 year olds are dancing on hundred year old floors to a live pianist.
The teachers are amazing and it's within walking distance of our house.
Like I said, heaven.
After the first class we realized a little bag to put her gear in would be helpful.
We have approximately 253 reusable totes to choose from but none fit the bill.
Up to the attic we went in search of some fabric and instead spotted this...
My friend Julie passed this down and it was one of our faves.
When I was planning out this project I actually couldn't bring myself to cut this dress.
You know, on the off chance I want to use it again?
I don't know, maybe I can pass it forward someday.
Anyways, because of my hesitation, this project is reversible.
1. Turn inside out.
2. Pinch the bottom hem.
3. Accordion along the whole hem.
4. Feed {threaded} sewing needle through all layers.
5. Loop back and repeat until accordion is sewn then tie off the thread.

That's it, super easy and ends up looking like this.
Fiona loves it and Mama loves the cost of $0.


What do you think I auto know?


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