Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Conversation with Fiona

Every school day when we sit down to dinner we ask Fiona what she did that day.
We usually get a couple of tidbits about the day but also often get a "nuffin".
I have been told by her teachers that she is quite vocal and I know she tells them all about us.
I also watch her carry on intense exchanges with her buddies.
I have yet to really see this side of her though, I'm always the observer as evidenced above.
We talk a lot but rarely have a lengthy conversation.

Then today at lunch, she informed me that she is a Mommy and has a "girl" named Cassandra.
I said that I am also a Mommy and have a daughter named Fiona.
She told me with a laugh how silly Cassandra is sometimes to make her little brother giggle.
I heard all about Cassandra's friends at school.
We talked about how brave our daughters are when they have to get vaccines.
{Surprise vaccine for her today, more about that later.}
We shared stories of the types of wishes they made the last time they threw a coin into a fountain.
Both about Fairies, imagine that.
When Cedric needed my attention, she turned to him and said politely "I'm just talking right now Cedric."
We spoke about how both of our daughters like pink and purple.
At times I could have sworn I was talking to an adult and you know, it made me a little sad.
Then in the midst of our colour talk, like she knew I needed it, she told me she thought Charlie likes "lellow".
Whew, still a toddler.

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