Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our 12th Day of Christmas

On our twelfth day of Christmas the big day was all done.
We headed to the lake for resting and fun.

I can't decide if I love the lead up, the actual day or the aftermath of Christmas more.
It was all fabulous but our time at the cabin was the perfect way to decompress after the bustle.
Our gift to each of the littles was a pair of skates.
 We braved the -20C weather and laced up as soon as possible.
 I was impressed with both the kids but especially Fiona.
After 5 minutes of help from Daddy, she insisted that she could "do myself".
She has actually been blowing me away lately with her courage and determination.
I was, and continue to be, immensely proud.
 We came in to warm up by the fire with hot chocolate {a smidgen of Baileys for Mama} and a game of Crazy Eights.
 We always manage to forget something and are forced to head down to the general store.

 I'm so glad we did since I would have hated to miss their sweet decor.
Our days ended with forts...
 ...and on our last night some extra excitement.

This was the only picture I was able to capture of all the kids during the Lairds' visit.
It was non-stop shenanigans and laughs.
Just the way we like it.

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