Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Countdown Is On

This week has been full of errands and bookkeeping.
Not exciting at all.
You know how you question whether all the hard work to prepare for a vacation is worth it?
Well, that is not at all the case here.
I am so excited for this trip to Germany and any amount of prep work is more than worth it.
I haven't seen Charmian and Jon since I was 12 weeks pregnant with Fiona and have not met their beautiful daughter.
In preparation for this trip we have done absolutely no activity planning.
Honestly, just seeing the above mentioned is more than enough for me.
Of course, we're hanging with some amazingly seasoned travellers who call Germany their home so I'm anticipating wonderful things.
I actually love travelling with no expectations and feel no stress to "fit it all in". 
In my experience this can prevent you from really taking anything "in".

So because I have no exciting events to share from the week I am sharing some pictures of our drive just out of town last week for a fun visit.
It has been beautiful here which makes for great outdoor days but also means that Edmonton and surrounding areas are coated in ice.
These kids seemed to make the best of it though with some extra fast sledding and rock solid tunnels.

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