Friday, January 17, 2014

Vaccinations and Vacations

Vaccines are a hot topic right now.
Correction, vaccines are a hot topic, always.
I have no interest in getting into heated discussions as to why I think vaccines are important.
The fact that certain diseases were virtually eradicated in some countries speaks for itself.
{I say "were" since it seems as if that is no longer true.}
I try {really REALLY hard} not to judge others choices for their families.
I actually hate that humans tend to justify their own decisions by bad-mouthing those of others.

The bottom line is that we are all just nervous parents.
We're nervous that we want only the best for our kids but aren't quite sure how to give it to them.
Of course we want to protect them from any illness possible but can end up questioning whether we're sure the vaccine is safe.
We trust those with the skills and knowledge to develop these life saving shots since we aren't equipped to do so.
It's the same trust we have in experts to fly our planes or construct safe highrises.

I wasn't present for the development and manufacturing of the vaccines my children received.
I am, however, choosing to trust in our experts, our government and most importantly our society.
I am choosing to trust that we all have a desire to do good.
To do the best for ourselves, our families and our communities {however you define that}.
Does that make me a sucker?
I sure hope not.
I thought we needed some comic relief and chose to provide it with the above pic, you're welcome.

Where did this come from, right?
Cut to the chase, right?

Obviously, as a pharmacist who has been providing the flu vaccine I have been hyperaware of this debate.
I was shocked by how few healthcare workers chose not to vaccinate themselves.
Their choice, however, is not my business.

It just so happens that Cedric was overdue for his 18 month shots.
I had been beating myself up for forgetting to book them for months even though I knew he was due.
And guess what, my procrastination turned out to be a life saver.
{Yes I just congratulated my own forgetfulness, what's it to you?}
We had the most amazing nurse at the health clinic who asked us if we were travelling any time soon.
I told her yes we were going to Germany in the next month.
{Oh right, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, we're going to Germany!}
In that case, she said, we should do both kids' MMR-Var boosters to protect them from measles.
Sure, I thought, let's just spring an injection on my 3 year old, that will go over really well.
Of course I agreed and prepared for the meltdown...that never came.
Fiona was a champ, albeit a little nervous, and showed her brother how it was done.
I can't even tell you how proud I was.
In conclusion, today's take away messages are as follows.
You might say I'm "gullible" but I prefer "trusting".
Fiona is a rockstar.
We're going to Germany.

Have a great weekend!


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