Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014 {And a Pseudo 2013 Review}

I'm watching the reflection posts fly up on my blog feed and am not feeling ready to wrap up the season.
The truth is that 2013 has left me conflicted.
We have two beautiful healthy children so obviously I feel like this year has been good to me.

 We did, however, say goodbye to my Grandad in 2013 and saw my Gram's health deteriorate.
On the other hand, Jeff has made some huge life changes that have improved his health and our quality of life.

I have watched a few very important people to me lose their babies.
I have also celebrated the births and pregnancies of some dear friends.
To top it off, we found out that our kids will meet their first cousin in a couple of months.

Cedric took his first step, said his first word and started preschool this year.
Fiona took her first dance lesson, joined her first soccer team and found a new level of confidence.

The year has been peppered with great times at the lake and great successes at the shop.
Not to mention all the charity runs, a new job for me {and retirement for my Dad} and our fifth wedding anniversary.
We can't say enough how fortunate we feel to be living the lives we do.

Instead of pictures of last year I wanted to share our New Year celebrations.
We kept our own personal celebrations going for three days.
Doesn't everyone?
First a kid-friendly party with the Lairds and Easbys.
Waiting for the "ball to drop".
 I have major toddler hair envy.
So healthy.
Day two saw us head out for some fun with some of our dearest friends at their lake.

 They had a fabulous lake-side bonfire set up.
 Complete with a snow pile for this little king and queen of the castle.
The only picture I have of the fire master, thanks Stace.
 Also, thank you for getting me on the other side of the lens with my BFF.
 Day three also happens to be my dear Dad's birthday.
The kids had a blast with the leftover New Years swag.
Happy Birthday Dad, love you.
I think I've mentioned before that I'm not one for resolutions so you won't find any here.
 I hope 2014 has been great to you all so far.

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