Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter to You

Easter has been completely overshadowed by birthdays this weekend.
I have also been on call and worked a shift so my mind has had a lot to focus on.
What am I getting at, right?
Well, on Sunday I woke up before my family and headed down to put the coffee on.
I treasure that precious quiet time before the house is full of needs and demands.
I was about to curl up with my cup and book when it dawned on me.
It's Easter Sunday!
I made a dash for the cupboard and filled those plastic eggs like mad.
As I just hid {I use that term loosely having toddlers and all} the last of them I heard "STOMP, thump, thump, thump, thump" from upstairs so quickly abandoned my mission.
Fortunately I was able to convince the early riser that she needed to go potty and was able to pepper the house with more eggs, this time of the foil wrapped variety.
Easter egg hunting
Please excuse my dust, keepin' it real.
Disaster was averted, Easter was saved and I spent the rest of the day thanking my lucky stars.

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