Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This is a Scattered One

The end is near.
Our backyard is a lake as it always is at this time of year.
{And you think you have grading problems.}
But, honestly, I don't mind.
It means that all that snow and ice is slowly melting away.
I love this shot of Cedric because his getup reminds me so much of camping with my Dad when we were kids.

We have been making believe that it's spring for weeks now.
In the middle of March I swapped all of our winter boots and coats for rain boots and windbreakers.
I was rewarded for being so prompt with a massive dump of snow and -20s.
That'll learn me.
I was going through pics and came across these from around the time I was flaunting our rain boots in Mother nature's face.
I have now repeated this cavalier act so if we get a couple of feet tomorrow you can blame me.
 I also wanted to share our first macaroni art experience.
{I warned you, scattered.}
The kids loved it, especially since I dyed some of the noodles with food colouring {just a few drops in about a half cup of water, soak then let dry}.
 Of course this happened and believe me this was not the only ingestion incident.
 When I first set them up Fiona was meticulous, placing each perfectly.
I left the room for minutes and returned to a bottle of glue and the rest of the macaroni dumped on the page.
That sucker is so heavy I can't even hang it with my sticky tack.
Fiona has gone through phases of reserved and unleashed lately.
Sometimes it seems as though she wakes up a different girl than the day before.
She is more often than not delightful but we have been suspending privileges like nobody's business lately.
The difference as far as I can tell is that she's much more opinionated, is learning the art of negotiation and, unfortunately, manipulation.
She was in especially fine form yesterday and there's some residual tension today.
When we were out shopping today she suddenly asked me:
"Mom, why didn't I get a nice Mommy?"
Let the mind games begin.

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