Thursday, April 17, 2014

Someone's Four and a Tradition is Born

I've had a busy day preparing for tonight's festivities so haven't had a chance to do my usual nostalgic birthday post.
It's probably for the best since four years sounds way too old and I'd rather not dwell on the fact that Fiona is just that.
I'll share more about her party when I'm not the victim of a sugar crash combined with the swimming sleepies.
Today I wanted to quickly share what I hope becomes a new ritual for us.
Jeff was at the car show all last weekend so came home Sunday night craving some quality family time.
The evening just screamed "Movie Night" and that's exactly what we did.
This was no ordinary movie night though.
Living room tent
 We rearranged the living room and brought down a bunch of flat sheets to turn it into a tent.
 Daddy filled our 3-little-bear sized bowls with popcorn.
Living room tent
 The kids were in fort heaven.
We decided to start introducing the kids to family movies from our childhood.
There's something so right {and sometimes so wrong, I'll admit} about 80's movies.
First up was this classic.
Afterwards I told Fiona that when E.T. was made I was her age.
 {I was actually Cedric's age I realize now.}
She stared at me blankly for a few seconds then between bursts of laughter said "no way Mommy" and gave me a look that had "silly Mama" written all over it.
Thanks kid, you're sure making it tough to convince myself I'm still young.

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