Saturday, April 12, 2014

Track and Shield is Back for Another Season

My involvement with the shop is somewhat limited.
I do our bookkeeping from my home office and rarely go to the shop with the kids.
It's still a novelty for them to go in but I know that would quickly change if they had to hang out there more often.
It's not exactly a children's paradise with one toy and a single baby book.
Cedric much prefers to terrorize the filing cabinets, debit machine and phone.
In fact, he remains the only one who can change the language and turn the answering machine off.
Needless to say, I don't have a lot of contact with our employees even when I do manage to pop in.

It is so important to me, therefore, to have opportunities to feel like a part of the team.
Track and Shield was just that for me.
Last year we may have overdone it.
We registered the team for 6 races and also did Melissa's Road Race in Banff in the fall.
I loved each and every one but by the end of the summer our team was pretty sparse.
The owners may do as many this year with more of a focus on just a few for the staff who are willing to play along.

We have chosen our first two races for 2014.
We will skip April and start with The Mother's Day Walk/Run in May.
Mother's Day Run 2013
This is a really chill and fun event.
Last year we topped it off with a picnic to make it my best Mother's Day yet.
{No pressure for this Mother's Day of course.}
If you'd like to join our team drop me a line and I'll give you the sign up info.

We have also registered for Color Me Rad.
We were slated to do the Calgary race last year before the flooding forced them to cancel.
I have heard nothing but great things about this run so am excited to participate this year.
I mean, how insane does this look?
Luckily Chloe was on the ball and alerted us all that the race was open since it's already sold out.
There is still a waiting list if you missed it and are interested.

I have started outdoor running of course but haven't taken it too seriously yet.
I love getting into race season since I'm much more motivated to get on the trails.
Even the snow today {sorry about that} can't dampen my spirits.

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