Wednesday, July 18, 2012


That's my scream of frustration.
I am now well aware of what it sounds like.  
My little mirror named Fiona has taken on the habit.
It's amazing how you don't realize you're doing or saying something until your 2-year-old starts.

Back to the scream.
There are a couple reasons to do so.

We found out that the loan that we were told was approved is in fact not approved.
Now we're starting from square one to get this equipment.
We keep repeating Jeff's mantra.
"If it was easy, everyone would do it."
{It makes us feel better, ok?}

While getting our financing in place for our new money-saving-much-more-practical-for-the-fam vehicle we were asked whether we had settled the $4000 put into collections by Sasktel.
Sasktel? What's Sasktel?
Turns out that there's a guy in Saskatchewan with a name and SIN very close to Jeff's.
Said guy owes $4000, not us.
This actually happens?
What was I saying about our luck in this post and this post?
I give universe, you win, can we get on with it now?

Silver lining time.
We said "Bye bye Jeep" today and "Hello new car".
{We talk like that now thanks to the toddler.}
Mitsubishi OutlanderMitsubishi Outlander
 Just FYI, I have the best husband ever.
He is currently driving a Yaris {!} to make our family's life easier.
If you know Jeff, you know what a sacrifice this is.
If you don't, trust me.

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