Monday, July 30, 2012

{Very} Mini Road-Trip

We meant to go to Calgary on the weekend.
It was Jeff's best friend {and our best man}'s engagement party on friday night.
We packed up the new ride and headed out.
Only to be stuck on the QE2 {between exits} for almost an hour!
That's bad enough but then Cedric woke up hungry and Fiona woke up having to pee.


We were at a standstill so Jeff ran around to the driver's seat and I jumped into the back.
I then proceeded to drape myself over the carseat and nurse my little man.
{This is a skill I learned on a 14 hour roadtrip we took with Fiona at 5 months old.
I'll tell you about that adventure some other time.}

Fiona on the other hand I distracted until we could inch our way to the next exit and find a bathroom.
I'm not anti-peeing-on-the-side-of-the-road.
In this case though there were hundreds of cars just sitting with a perfect view.
Not to mention the emergency vehicles zipping down the shoulders.

Well, thank goodness we have friends that live right around where we got stuck.
Even better, they live in a lake town.
The best, they have 2 girls who Fiona (and we) love.
Now for the pics.

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