Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to work I go!
Me a long time ago with one of my students {she was great!}.  It was hard to find a work pic ok?
On a side note, I really think I need bangs again.
I decided to take advantage of the small amount per week I can make on EI.
That means as of today I will be going back to work for a whopping 4 hours!

I think this is best for everyone.
I will have 4 hours straight without a child in my arms.
We make a little extra cash.
And, Fiona and Cedric get to hang out with Grandma!

It does feel very soon.
I had a little panic attack at the thought that my mat leave is coming to an end.
Then I told myself "it's 4 hours, get it together" and proceeded to call EI and tell them of my plan.
I was then informed that I have 2 more weeks to work these hours without it affecting my payment.
That's right, you can no longer work any hours without it affecting how much you get from EI.

Apparently there is the potential to make more money if you want to work more hours.
I do not.
I only want to work a little for some sanity.  
All the while maximizing my fleeting Mommy time.

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