Monday, July 9, 2012

Has Sleep Returned?

I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to talk about the weather.
I did that last week and, well, it's a smidge boring.
I will just say that when I checked on Fiona at 3am last night, I found her in a pool {a pool!} of sweat.

I was up to check on her at 3am last night, not for my usual feeding, but to make sure my baby boy was still breathing.
You see, he did the unimaginable last night.
Ok, it's only unimaginable if you currently have an infant.
For us, unimaginable.
He slept for, wait for it.....
11 hours straight!
{This is where the angels sing.}

I had been getting the question, "Is Cedric sleeping through the night?", for the past 4 months.
My answer had evolved to, "Depends what you consider sleeping through the night."
Up until now, he would get his 7 hour stretch.
Problem was, it started at 8pm.
So for me, it still meant being up at 3am every morning to feed.
{I hadn't yet conceded to going to bed at 8pm.}

I'm hoping he makes a habit of this.
If so, I'll have to reteach myself to sleep through the night.

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