Saturday, July 14, 2012

Couldn't Help Myself

I don't usually post on the weekends.
I wish I could say that's because we're always doing something super fun.
Sometimes that is true, more often we're working.
Remember how I said we would give our first born for really need another bodyman?
Well, we hired one.  Then he went and hurt his hand so hasn't started yet.
And the luck keeps rolling our way folks.

Anyways, back to the point.
I couldn't help posting today to share a miracle with you.
Jeff has finally taken a day off!
We have a real family day!
We spent the morning at the park.
{And this Mama even snuck off for a solo run!}
Swinging with Dad - Shield Auto Refinishing
Mama and Baby Boy - Shield Auto RefinishingBaby Boy - Shield Auto Refinishing

"So why are you wasting this precious time posting?" you ask?
I'll tell you.
I have 2 sleeping babes and one husband out detailing his car in preparation for sale!
Life is good.

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