Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Excuse the Scatter

I finally got a chance to sit down and write today.
I have no inclination towards one topic.

This post may end up scattered but that's true to how I'm feeling so here goes.

The husband and I have been arguing about  discussing a new vehicle.
After much debate, he has decided to let his baby go.
Yet another perfect example?
Buying a brand new Jeep SRT8 while in the thick of our childbearing years.

It was a moment of weakness for both of us.
Jeff for his love of the sound of that engine.
Me, well I didn't properly inform myself.
Since that purchase was made we have both known this moment was coming.
It is a ridiculous vehicle for us right now.
As Jeff said, "I've had my fun now it's time to be practical".
Thank you.
{I said that looking up while cupping my hands together.}

Also, we got a call from our banker.  
After a little lot of work we have been approved for our equipment loan.
I'm sure I should be more excited.
Luckily, Jeff is excited enough for 10 people.  
With this equipment we will be able to do larger jobs.
We will have the ability to get on insurance companies lists.
This is huge.
It's also a huge risk. {This is where I'm stuck.}
I keep trying to tell myself that this is business debt, good debt.  
That's a thing right?  Good debt?

I've convinced myself that it is to sleep at night.

And that's where I'm headed now in preparation for a 2am feeding.

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