Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Since 2009, New Years Eve has been pretty tame and low key for us.
You guessed it, that was my first time ringing it in pregnant.
Just to give you a taste.

2009: At some friends' cabin, ate half a wheel of baked brie.
2010: Had people over {2 couples of new parents and one pregnant couple}, no one made it to midnight.
2011: I have no pictures and can't remember due to the baby brain {I use that excuse shamelessly} so our best guess is that we stayed home alone and watched the fireworks from the 3rd floor.

2012 wasn't wild but it was great.

We closed up shop on the 31st so were at the cabin from Saturday to Tuesday.
Thanks to the mild weather we spent most of the weekend outside.

Even at night, the fire was enough to keep us comfortable.
Of course we had some other ways of staying warm.
We were so glad to spend the night with our great friends Matt and Julie
And what party would be complete without a UFO sighting, right?

When sober In the morning everyone agreed that those were indeed paper lanterns.
They certainly provided some excitement and started some interesting conversations that night.

I am not a resolution kind of person so there will be none of that from me.
I will say that I'm excited though.
2013 will be a good one with some big milestones coming up for my little guy.
Fiona continues to amaze me with her skill and intelligence.
The shop will continue to grow but we anticipate that the growing pains will be reduced.
What do I know though?
We will simply continue to take it as it comes and love every minute.
{Ok maybe not EVERY minute.}

Happy 2013.

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