Friday, January 18, 2013

Post-Christmas Detox

No, I am not going on a cleanse or starting a juice diet, promise.
{I am interested in doing green smoothies though, mental note.}
I'm not the only one in this house who needs to detox.
And, I'm certain that submitting a toddler and baby to a fad diet is a form of child-abuse.
You know how it is.
The month leading up to Christmas is chock full of goodies.
And don't even get me started on the hoard we have afterwards.
As far as I'm concerned we can't eat it up fast enough.
This is part of the problem for me.
I justify gorging on gifted chocolate by telling myself that it's better to rid our house of it quickly.
We all know this isn't true though.
It's worse, much much worse {says my stomach}.
One of my Mom{the dietitian}'s great lines is "better to waste than to waist".
As in, if it's not worth it toss it.
Every year I try, I really do, but it doesn't happen.
It's all gone to waist.
And not just mine.
This was the first year that Fiona really was old enough to be aware of the "treats".
It's not that she's completely deprived for the rest of the year but the moderation I usually try to practice goes out the window during the first and last months {despite my best efforts}.
Now the post-holiday slump has left us with a treat-addicted-sugar-withdrawing little girl.
I hear mention of "tr-eats" multiple times per day and don't know how to stop it.
I'm guessing that this will have to be one of those "time heals all" afflictions.
In the meantime, anyone have a good "green smoothie" recipe they want to share?

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