Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making 62 Look Good

That's right, my Dad is 62.
{Sorry Dad, I assume you're not the hiding-your-age type.}

I have to say that my vision of the 60s has come so far.
As a child I remember thinking those in their 50s were ancient.
Now 50 seems young and 60 looks, well, like a blast.
At least that's how my jet-setting parents make it look.

At 62 my Dad is one of the most fit {and most dedicated to fitness} people I know.
He could run circles around me without breaking a sweat.

He's the one I turn to for advice on new technology.
We would still be running Leopard on my Mac had he not noticed we were out-of-date.
Nope, not even Snow Leopard, Leopard.

He's a great Grandpa and Cedric is a spitting image of the guy.
He's also modest so would say something like "Poor Cedric!" I'm sure.
Well Dad, I disagree.
I think he's pretty lucky to be like you in any way.
Father Daughter Dance
Happy Birthday Dad.
I love you.


  1. aw, i know this is two days later and all but it's my pops birthday today as well!! happy birthday to the both of them :D

    and i used to think 50 was ancient too, and now i feel you don't hit that stage till you're like...90. haha all the best to your dad!

    1. Thanks Marlen!
      And a happy birthday to your Dad as well.
      I know right? Even at 90 some are still rockin!


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