Monday, January 21, 2013

The Pursuit of Their Happiness

I really want my kids to find their thing.
You know, the activity that you can't wait to go to.
Not the one that you like but you fake sick once in a while to get out of.
The one that you go to anyways and try to cover up the illness.

I liked playing soccer as a child {for fun} but didn't enjoy the games.
I played the flute as a pre-teen and really enjoyed playing {for fun, at home, by myself} but lessons were a drag.
When I found my "thing" {at 15 years old} it changed my life.
I thought about colorguard everyday all day and couldn't wait for rehearsal nights.
{For those of you who are all "color-whaaa?" check this video out.}

That's what I want for them, whatever it may be.
Now, confession time.
Although all of the above is true, I also really hope that one of them choose ballet as their "thing".

We started a parented dance class and the moment I put those little pink slippers on Fiona I was sunk.
The world of ballet is so appealing to me, from this outsiders perspective at least.
I am well aware of some of the negatives to this art form, particularly body image issues.
It just warms my heart to think of her little body achieving such beautiful movement.

So far Fiona's a much bigger fan of hockey and gymnastics but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.
Besides, if she opts out I can always hope Cedric has a mini-Baryshnikov waiting to jete out.

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