Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stunting Our Growth

I just needed a soothing picture.
This reminds me of a time when we had few worries, sitting on the Versailles grounds. 
I am feeling so frustrated right now so this may end in a rant and I apologize if it does.
You may be better off not reading any further.

I'm suffocating.
The business is growing and fast.
This is great but the growing pains haven't yet subsided.
The parts and materials bills are stacking up and I can't pay them yet.

Why not, right?
You get paid for the job and the parts come out of that right?

Seems so simple and that would work so well if we got paid right away.
The problem is that some of our accounts pay in 60+ days.
This means that we're paying our own vendors in 60+ days.
Apparently this is not unusual and I'm going to have to get used to it.
I just feels awful.  
When I get a bill I like to pay it.

Now for the rant.
You would think that our bank would support growth.
In the past they have been very supportive.
We were able to grow well on our small line of credit and equipment loan.
I have a hard time understanding why it seemed so easy to get so much credit at the beginning and now it's impossible.
Now that we have more than quadrupled our sales, paid down our initial loan and been loyal to this one bank we are being denied the funds we need to continue this rate of growth.
If we were paying you all this interest, wouldn't you want more?

Ok I'm going to stop there before I get too rant-y.
This is the point where I would end the conversation with the "business-specialist" on the phone so that I don't start raising my voice and being rude to this person who's hands are tied anyways.

That wasn't bad right?
Thanks for sticking it out, I feel better.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your business troubles, as we are having our own too, and for some reason it makes it less stressful/scary to hear of troubles from others. Stick with it, the hard times make the good times even better! (or that's what I keep telling myself!)



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