Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pinterest: Keep It and Kill It: Beauty Edition

Pinterest is full of DIY beauty product ideas.
I {as always} have pinned a bunch of them but usually don't get around to trying them out.
Here are a couple of exceptions.

Keep it:
Hand scrub.
Or, if you're me, body scrub.
I didn't find this one, it was actually my friend Kim who pinned it and gifted me a batch.
I used it on my hands, fantastic.
So I used in on my feet, really fantastic.
I then proceeded to scrub my entire body with the stuff.
I may have gone a little overboard but us Albertans will do anything in these dry winters to soothe our skin, am I right?
It is beyond simple to make and works beautifully.

Kill it:
Hair treatment.
The picture makes it look like a miracle but it did not turn out to be one for me.
I was feeling the need for a postpartum hair rejuvenation.
{You get used to that thick healthy pregnancy hair then bam...gone.}
The one thing I can say for it was that my hair was moisturized.
Like, greasy-for-5-washes-looks-like-it's-been-5-weeks-since-I-washed-my-hair moisturized.
Part of the problem may have been that I bathe, not shower, so my whole body felt greasy.
Regardless, definitely not doing this again.

Source: repinly.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

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  1. Hello, I appreciate your writing. If you're pinning a lot of stuff at once, you can overwhelm your followers. For example, if you're researching black shoes and spend an hour pinning a gazillion pairs of black shoes to your "Rockin' Black Shoes" board, anyone who follows you will just see a sea of black shoes in their stream. (I'm guilty of flooding the stream.) Instead, spread it out a bit. thanks all! ~ Anne


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