Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day {Finally}

I wanted to post about our Father's Day on Monday.
Then I started a new job and all my plans seemed to just fade away.
I'm catching up though and we will quickly adapt to our new routine like we always do.

I already told you that we were starting our Sunday with the Father's Day Run/Walk in support of Prostate Cancer Canada.
It was a great event with endless food, drinks and entertainment.
Not only were we equipped with t-shirts, but also got capes.
Seriously you guys, capes!
The kids were {of course} the cutest but Jay and Ethan also rocked this superhero garb.
We had 6 Dads on team Track and Shield.
Happy Father's Day again to Jeff, Jay, Bruce {aka Dad}, Brian {aka The Old Man}, Brian and Gabe.
Thanks Julie and Jacques for joining us with your Father.

 I almost managed to keep up with Dad this time.
Here we are waiting to get going in our Father/Daughter matching shoes {not intentional}.
The route was beautiful, being mostly along the river.
We just popped up to the Whitemud once and Dad remarked how fitting it was that we should run by the infamous silver "balls" given the cause. 
  Before and after love for my Dad who is one of my greatest inspirations.
Love you Dad.
 And who wouldn't love greeting this at the finish line?
 To complete our celebration we had a family BBQ {indoor on account of the rain}.
Then we made Daddy's favourite cookies while he did something really rare.
Had an uninterrupted nap.

Jeff, you have always been a great husband but nothing has made me love you more than seeing the amazing Father you've become.
One of my favourite parts of the day is watching Fiona and Cedric's faces light up as you walk in the door.
We love you.

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  1. Looks like a great Father's Day! Wonderful photos from the day too.


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