Monday, June 3, 2013

We're back!

Did you miss us?
I sure missed blogging but our family was in desperate need of a break.
We did something we've been meaning to do for years.
We took a 2 week lakeation.
{Just you wait, that word I just made up will stick.}

{Update: Turns out I didn't make up that word, I googled it and the urban dictionary has it already.  And here I thought I was so clever.}

We checked a bunch off the to-do list at the cabin but the most importantly we fed the collective soul of our family.
In Jeff's words, it was the best vacation we've ever taken.
Sure, it didn't have any new sights or exotic foods {we did, however, eat French Toast 7 out of 10 mornings we were there by Fiona's request} but we had so much fun and were so relaxed.
As per usual I'm paying for it now with some built up house and shop work.
Totally worth it.
Lots of outdoor fun including boathouse outdoor movie night, fireworks bonfires, smores and of course mosquitos.
The sweetest kids relishing the ample play time and treats as well as the basin baths.
We enjoyed many walks and bike rides and some great visitors.
Happy birthday to beautiful Auntie Brie, our kids couldn't ask for a better Aunt.
A very happy birthday also to Fiona's princess of a friend Rebecca.
Last but certainly not least, happy birthday to Fiona's soul mate Charlie.
We wouldn't have missed any of these celebrations for anything.
Some flowers from Jeff and the kids and some from our backyard.
Too many treasures at the cabin to show.
 A handed down "made in Canada" bread tin and some Pelicans that call our lake home.

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  1. This is so awesome! I love going to the lake. Looks like you had a lovely time!



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