Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lakeation Project #1: Big Girl Bed

We scored big time when we bought our cabin in our previous life{style}.
The previous owners took such amazing care of their property and belongings and left every last one for us.
We, on the other hand, are still learning how to be good lake property owners.
I wouldn't say we're irresponsible but we do things like leave the boat out for the winter without a trailer or proper cover.
Ok, that's pretty irresponsible but I promise we're working on it and getting much better.
{I'm happy to report that we got the boat to safety and have a plan in place for it.}

That wasn't my big project though.
Fiona has finally graduated to a big girl bed at the cabin.
Up until now she's been sleeping with me since the bed we had in mind for her is pretty high.
These built in bunks were in the guest/kids room when we took ownership and I love them.
I just wasn't a big fan of how dark it felt.
The blue and flower decals were a pretty scheme but I wanted something a little more fresh.
I also hated looking at the vacuum and bassinet under the bed.
So I armed myself with a can of soft white paint and the perfect piece of fabric and went to work.
{I still haven't told you about the amazing fabric samples I scored from a friend of mine.}
Cabin bedroom
Cabin bedroom
Linen curtains
Farm basket for kids books
A piece of beautiful pleated white linen made a bed skirt {which I staple-gunned right to the underside of the edge of the bed} and curtains.
For the curtains I just finished the edge with a zigzag stitch since I was without serger and I actually loved the raw looking edge.
I moved a rug that was previously hanging in the living room to above the dresser.
The finishing touches were a couple of Rocky Mountain Antique Mall finds.
I especially loved this "farm basket" to hold Fiona's books and such.
The floral comforter was a hand me down and the blue comforter and sheets were all ours already.
The paint was even a leftover can from the house.
The final cost for this project was $23 for the metal bucket and farm basket.
Now it feels perfect for the princess.


  1. This is the cutest little kids room! What fun memories she'll have there! You did a great job.:)

  2. Wow! You're doing such lovely work on the cabin! Awesome!


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