Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lakeation Projects #s 2-5

We're still in catch up mode so I haven't had as much share time as I'd hoped for this week.
I feel like there's so much to talk about so naturally I can't think of anything to say.
I will however finish showing our little projects at the lake.
Do you have a place where work doesn't feel like work?
At the cabin menial tasks such as baking bread, sweeping the floor, even doing the dishes feel more relaxing than taxing.
So even though we kept ourselves fairly busy I promise it didn't feel that way.
Project #2
Clean up this catch all kitchen shelf.
We have a tiny kitchen with only enough storage for our dishes.
I bought this shelf on the cheap as a pantry of sorts years ago.
And it has been annoying me ever since.
I spent $35 on one butter box and one wine box from Rocky Mountain again.
They cleaned it up just enough to give me peace.
antique crates as drawers
Project #2
Living Room wall art.
This really ended up being a non project.
I found this print of the plan for the development of our lake community rolled up on a shelf.
Lac la Nonne map
 I loved it immediately.
It reminded me of these arial shots that my Gram and Grandad have displayed at their cottage.
It's a little worse for wear but that almost adds to the charm.
I had great plans to construct or buy a frame but wanted to make sure it would look right in that spot.
So I nailed it to the wall.
Lac la Nonne map
And you know what? I love it.
It feels right this way and I feel like a frame would take something away.
Plus, it was the easiest project all week.

Project #4
This is Jeff's department.
For some reason {I'm sure I've said this before} the acquiring and burning of wood is an obsession of his.
We hauled some harder wood out for indoor burning but wouldn't want to use that for firepit fires.
Luckily we had 2 downed trees {mostly lucky that they fell without hitting a power line}.
Jeff spent hours with the chainsaw cutting them up and bringing them down the hill.

Project #5 {in progress}
The boat.
Oh the poor boat.
This thing is older than us and deserves much more respect than we give it.
When we finally inspected it this year we found it filled with water.
As I said, we had the boat on dry land then the water came up.
And we thought we were being so smart leaving the plug out so that any rain that got past the cover would just drain out.
Well, Jeff fired up the old '72 shortbox and drug it right up to safety.
We now have a dry boat with a motor desperately in need of maintenance.
Hence the in progress.
As far as we're concerned, in progress keeps it interesting.

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  1. This is so awesome!!! My parents have a lake lot and whenever we go there we work... hard! But it never really feels like work, it's different.

    Love the artwork. Seems perfect!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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