Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skills Canada 2013

I am so excited to share this today.
We have always known that our painter Cecile was a dedicated and valuable employee.
Recently though, she got the chance to prove her skill to the auto body world.
First, the provincials for car painting were at the NAIT Patricia Campus a week before the skills competition at the expo centre.

 "In the provincial competition, there were four of us competitng..me being the only girl...we had to prepare a fender with a scratch in it to be painted (featheredge, prime and sand) and  prepare a new bumper, seal and paint it." 

She won gold, as well as the safety award for her field. 
Not to mention the opportunity to represent Alberta at the national event at BC place in Vancouver.

"There were seven of us competing in post secondary (only girl again!). On the first day, I had to make a turquoise color without a formula, tint a blue color to match with a formula, polish half a hood(removing all the defects) and mask up a car door without removing any trim panels, handle or mirror. On the second day, we did a tri-stage spot repair on a fender(it was laser red) following the tech sheet and we had to prepare a new bumper for sealer and paint. The judges were concerned with the process and safety..and of course final product."  
Skills Canada 2013 Car Painting
Again, it was gold for our girl in Post Secondary Car Painting.
Skills Canada 2013 Car Painting
Skills Canada 2013 Car Painting
Her trip was completed with a little down time.

"In Vancouver, Team Alberta was treated to a boat ride up False Creek and into the English Bay. We got to see the Southwest Coast, downtown Vancouver, the Lions gate bridge, Lighthouse Park and Snug Cove."
Skills Canada 2013 Car Painting
 "It was a great experience, meeting people from across the country and winning gold was just the cherry on top!"

We are so proud of you Cecile.


  1. So awesome! Congratulations Cecile!

  2. This was so very cool and fun to read. I have enjoyed this great and fun information. This was really and fun to read. I have enjoyed and I want to thank you۔


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