Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zoo Lessons

We had an amazing trip to the Edmonton Valley Zoo last week.
It was extra special because our amazing friend Diana is working there for the summer.
She stayed after her tours to walk through with us.
Now, we always have a good time at the zoo but this was amazing.
We learnt so much about the animals that we wouldn't have otherwise known.
{Including their names which Fiona has added to her repertoire of stuffed/imaginary animal handles.}
Edmonton Valley Zoo
I also learnt that Fiona has beaten her fear of Carousels.
{Well, close, she still didn't want me to let go of her arm.}
Which is fabulous since this Mama has a love on for their nostalgic feel.
Edmonton Valley Zoo
 Cedric, being the guy that stands at the top of the full size slide and jumps, was all "what's the big deal you guys?"
Edmonton Valley Zoo
Lastly, I learnt that as pathetic as the mini-train may look to us, the kids, they love it.
Edmonton Valley Zoo Train

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