Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Green Thing

On my second trip, one of the lovely volunteers packaged my items.
{By the way, this was done with more care for my $2.50 purchase than is usually done for purchases I've made for hundreds of dollars.}
She picked out a shoebox that was in really good shape.
"This would be a good box for wrapping gifts" she said.
I replied "perfect with Christmas coming".
Her eyes seemed to light up that I was on board.
"We call that recycling" she told me with a smile.
If it had been anyone else I would have thought she was mocking me.
She was, however, completely sincere.
It reminded me of a story I read {on Facebook I think}.
I searched for the story and couldn't find an original but did find this adaptation.

We do "the green thing".
We put our recyclables in the blue bag.
We started composting {and are horrible at it}.
We do cloth diapers.
I consider myself relatively "green".

The truth is though, there is so much more I can do.
Lately, I have been paying attention to how much we waste.
How much we buy on a whim that isn't needed.
How much we have that we don't use.

I am now making a conscious effort to reduce and reuse more.
Starting with:

Burps cloths to face cloths.
I have a ton of burp cloths.
My amazing friend Kim gave them to us when Fiona was born.
Thankfully we are now through the spitting up phase.
{Cedric was never really much of a spitter-upper.}
I do however need face cloths and lots of 'em.
We go through multiple each day for after meals and snacks.
I started using burp cloths to wipe faces and found they were too big.
This meant they stayed wet for a long time and started to smell.
I decided to take advantage of the serger I am returning today and went to work.
Each burp cloth yielded 4-6 face cloths.
Now we're all stocked up.
Cost $0.


  1. Wow, great idea! I wish I could sew/surge. The last time I tried I ended up sewing through my finger and getting a tetanus shot : (

  2. Ouch! I was lucky that my Mom taught me young and there was a great Fashion Studies program at my high school. Thanks for reading Marie!


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