Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

People often remark how they're surprised I can find time to blog.
Well, obviously, sometimes I can't.
It's been over two weeks since I told you we were celebrating our 5th anniversary.
That feels like a really long time ago.
It was a really long time ago.
Regardless, I still want to share.

We started the day mid-afternoon with massages.
Not a couples massage, I did enquire but am I the only one who doesn't see the point?
We had a couples massage once and it was a little awkward. 
{Granted, that could have also been because of the TV crew in the room and knowing that we were live on Breakfast Television in the nude with a thin white sheet as the only barrier shielding us from indecency.  Just another hypothesis.}
I am the type that wants to be dead to the world while being massaged.
So, we had separate rooms next to each other and it was fabulous.
Jeff {of course} headed back to the shop for a couple more hours which gave me some time to get dressed up.
Getting dressed up is a big deal for me.
I used to buy many lovely clothes and take my time picking each outfit carefully.
Since those days are long over {am I right Moms?} I love any chance to spend a bit more time on my appearance.
{Hence the questionable bathroom selfie below.}
We continued our celebration by opening the bottle of wine that we received for our wedding that was marked for the 5th anniversary.
{Thanks Alex!}
You may know how I love finding significance in numbers so having a 5 on the top of cork made me happy.
 My parents babysat and also snapped this pic before we left.
{Thanks Mom and Dad!}
Thank goodness Movember wasn't really a thing when we were married.
I have resigned to the fact that Jeff will always have a 'stache on our anniversary. 
 We chose Three Boars as our dinner destination and it was great.
Described as your friendly neighbourhood Hutterite this place was truly original.
three boars
They used parts of animals that other places wouldn't.
Or, more accurately, other places wouldn't dare to admit.
We ordered dishes that used gizzards, jowl and pork fat powder.
And we loved every bite.

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