Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our 7th Day of Christmas

On our 7th day of Christmas decorating was a hit.
Cedric didn't yet really get it.
Gingerbread house making
Fiona however was all over the decorating and did a great job.
This is one of the best Christmas kid activities.
I'm so thankful to my parents for setting this up since I don't know if I would have gotten around to it due to all the sickness in our house this season.
Gingerbread house making
 I love going to Gram and Grandpa's at Christmas since it's always so festive.
{Complete with a little Bailey's in your coffee, served in a holly mug.}
 Of course even this little stinker couldn't quite keep all the candy on the house.
Gingerbread house making
I mean, who am I to judge, neither can I.
We have tried making "real" gingerbread houses in the past and always come back to this simple 3 step method.
1. Buy Graham crackers and white sugar. {Though you probably already have the latter.}
2. Melt sugar in pan.
3. Dip side of graham cracker in sugar and stick to other graham cracker.
{You can even get fancy by cutting a graham cracker in half for the trusses.}

These little curls just had to make a reappearance. 
Gingerbread house making
 And this little hand.
{Heart melting.}
Gingerbread house making
Another tradition that I love from my childhood is the advent wreath and candles.
I am definitely bringing this one to our home next year.
 The night was topped off with a crackling fire and some quality time with the Grandparents.
 Because, really, the best part of Christmas is the extra reasons to get together.

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