Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our 8th Day of Christmas

On our eighth day of Christmas we sat on Santa's knee.
Cedric was filled with nerves, Fiona with glee.
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
 That was the case with a younger Fiona as well, the nerves that is.
The visits for Christmases #1 and #2 were for us parents, not her.
That all changed for her third visit to Santa when she started to understand what a wonderful man he really is.
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
 This year the mall stepped up their winter wonderland with games and Kris Kringle's very own red carpet through a twinkling tunnel.
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
 Cedric was happy to look at Santa and did go to him on his own.
But the minute he landed on St. Nick's lap it was all "Mama?...MAMA?".
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
The amazing photographers they had there {like, magical} still got a decent shot.
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
What blew me away though was when Santa noticed my camera he asked if I got my own picture.
I said that no, we were buying one.
Then in true Miracle-on-34th-Street-style he coaxed Cedric back and created another scene just for me.
Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall
This sweet man is a true highlight of our Christmas season.
Hopefully next year we'll have two happy campers for him.

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