Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Days of Christmas {Let's Try for Twelve, No Promises}

On our first day of Christmas was Festival of Trees.
We went with our best friend Charlie.

On our second day of Christmas we bought our Christmas tree.
I have shared both events already.

Did you sing that?
If not please proceed back to the top of this post since I spent a couple minutes getting the correct number of syllables and don't want that time to have been wasted, ok?

Anyways, my point is, we're picking up on our third day of Christmas.
Decorating the tree acquired on day 2.
We have a huge Christmas trunk stuffed with everything Christmas.
In the past I have used every last item but this year I felt like simplifying. 
We only took out what we really love.
I barely touched the pristine silver balls, glass tear drops and yards of ribbon.
We opted instead for mainly the ornaments with meaning.
Luckily most of these ornaments are also sturdy since we have a tree toucher in the house this year.{Yep, I'm looking at you Cedric.}
 Fiona of course was dressed to impress for this occasion complete with princess heels.
{Daddy's absolute favourite.}
 We always enjoy decorating and it's so fun to get the kids involved now.
But as fun as it may be, the best part in my opinion is still turning off the lights, sitting back and enjoying the result.

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