Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's a Christmas Miracle

We had Norwalk.
No, that's not the miracle, promise.

You know those weekends right before Christmas that are so scheduled that you feel the need to pencil in bathroom breaks.
I do realize I take multitasking very seriously.

Well, anyways, that was last weekend for us.
Buy and wrap gift exchange gifts, bake for Christmas party, attend Christmas party, ballet dress rehearsal, Santa Shuffle, Christmas party #2, studio time, divide and conquer Christmas parties #3 and #4 simultaneously and finally winterguard rehearsal.
Our lone picture from one of the few events we made it to on the weekend.
Now if you or your loved ones have had Norwalk you know that it incapacitates you.
We were thoroughly incapacitated. 
We did however manage to hit 4 out of 11 of the above events and most likely would not have shuffled anyways on account of the weather.
This is a small miracle but not the one I'm speaking of.
Cedric was the culprit who brought the bug into our house and I was determined to prevent it from spreading to Fiona.
As the mess cleaner I knew I, myself, was doomed.
But I thought that just maybe if I had the disinfectant cleaner, antiseptic soap and antiseptic hand cream working overtime along with constant baths for Cedric and continuous loads of laundry on a hot cycle I might just protect her.
I also told her over and over that "Mommy and Cedric would love to give you hugs and kisses but I love you so much and don't want to get you sick".
And, you know, I think it worked.  
We are definitely out of the contagious period and she is healthy as can be.

Now that folks is a real Christmas miracle.

Aside: I am knocking on wood constantly while writing this.


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  2. ACK! Norwalk is the worse. I used to work in child care and it seemed every year there was a new bout of it going around. Dreadful stuff ladies and gentlemen!

    Hoping that your Christmas miracle sticks.


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