Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our 5th Day of Christmas: Christmas at Shield Autobody

On our 5th day of Christmas we wound up at the shop.
I've had lyrics on past posts so can't stop.

We like to think of our team at the shop as a family.
We care for each other and annoy each other.
There's lots of laughter and fighting.
You know, just like a family.
So when it came time to do a Christmas card, naturally a family pic was in order.
Playing photographer for this shot taught me that it takes on average 62 photos to end up with one that works.
They look nice right? 
Well here's one of the other 61, deciding how to pose.
 "Let's do a jumping shot!" said the girls and Jeff...and no one else.
 We had a former cheerleader in the group who attempted to coordinate a pyramid.
Alonzo is so ashamed in the background.
 And did we really think anyone wanted to see this angle of the shop?
I'm happy with the one we chose but am also pumped to have the bloopers in my arsenal.
Our mini Christmas trees came out again this year.
{Jeff hard at work in the back.}
The guys have managed not to kill taken great care of this Christmas cactus which is blooming just in time.
Finally our landlord had these very seasonal trees planted this year.
Every year we talk about going all out with our decor at the shop for Christmas.
And every year we drop the ball.
Next year is the year.
 Yep, definitely next year.

Merry Christmas from Shield Autobody!

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