Friday, December 6, 2013

Flashback Friday

Just flashing back a week though to our trip to the Festival of Trees.
We usually like to go during the day to avoid crowds but last weekend was a busy one so Thursday night was the only opportunity.
Fortunately for us, it turned out to be free-kids-admission night.
Of course it didn't feel fortunate when we saw the crowds but this event is so well run that we moved easily through the stations.
First stop: Gingerbread houses which the kids absolutely love.
I, however, was most impressed by this non-gingerbread house.
Next up, being that this is sponsored by the University Hospital Foundation, was the hospital.
Cedric was quite concerned that Elmo was in a hospital bed all bandaged and he called for "Momo" to make sure he was alright.
Fiona had her finger casted then bedazzled with glitter, boy do they know their toddlers.
We didn't get much opportunity to look at the trees and decor.
They, of course, being much overshadowed by cookie making stations and such but we did make it through a room full of white lights, this Mama's favourite. 
The kids very much enjoyed the entertainment and danced the night away to it.
I love how it looks like they're both preparing for an amazing pirouette in sync.
Cedric tried his hand at flirting with this little cutie.
The room full of floor pianos is always a blast.
And of course we got our letters off to Santa.
This event is always a favourite of ours.
With it, Christmas has officially come.

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