Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Success

Fiona has finally made peace with the big man.
We had an intense conversation in the car on the way to Bonnie Doon Mall.
"Santa a nice man Mommy, not a mad guy."
"All the girls and boys get presents from Santa."
"Santa lika the trantoline {trampoline} at matchsticks {gymnastics} Mommy."

Apparently Santa is a gymnast?
I'm not sure where that last thought came from but I was ecstatic that she seemed to like the idea of seeing Santa so didn't question it.

I needed to stall a bit to make sure Daddy was there for the big event so we explored Santa-land.
{Daddy made it 5 minutes before Santa clocked out due to shop delays.}
Fiona was distracted by all the decorations but did eventually realize that Santa was sitting at the middle of it all.
She was just a little excited.
 Finally we lined up all the while trying to shield Fiona from the lady ahead of us who kept asking her if she was going to cry.
I mean, I know she was just having some fun but this is nothing to joke about.
The first year we were able to get the picture quick enough but check out year 2.
That was a full meltdown folks.

This year's picture is much different both in attitude and number.
Cedric was very content on Santa's knee and Fiona was happy to chat with him.
When asked what she would like she replied "presents".
Low maintenance, I love it.

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