Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Long Time Ago...

Well, it really wasn't that long ago.
4 years to be exact.
It just feels like ages since our wedding day.
So much has happened since then, how could that only have been 4 years?

The decision to get married wasn't if, but when.
We had been living together for 4 years.
We had 2 dogs.
We owned 2 properties and had been through 2 already.
Not to mention the businesses.

Jeff proposed in September 2008 and we were married in November 2008.
{To be fair, we had started planning in August.}
We didn't give our guests a lot of notice but they sure came through.
We had almost all of our family from Ontario and even some amazing friends from Denver.
{Love you Charmian and Heather!}
We were married at Murrieta's here in Edmonton.
Our ceremony was during cocktail hour and we loved walking down the aisle while our friends and family sipped their wine.
The dinner was great, as it always is at Murrieta's.
Finally, we danced until they started setting up for breakfast.
It was a perfect day.

I know this is probably more than enough pics but if you want more check out our feature on Style me Pretty.

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