Friday, November 2, 2012

This is the Halloween That Never Ends

Did anyone else just try to sing that?  
Are you annoyed that it doesn't fit with the tune?
No, just me?

What a great Halloween week.
Last weekend we went to party #1 in Sylvan.
It was fantastic.
 I wish I had more pics but I was single-parenting it so had my hands full.
Fiona gobbled up the "mummy-dogs" and of course loved decorating cupcakes.
Mummy dogs
On Sunday we went my parents' house for party #2.
My Mom is the holiday queen and had decorations, gifts, candy and pumpkins.
Dad even added the finishing touch with some spooky music. 
My Mom is also the picture queen so I'm depending on her to have this well recorded.
Hence the no pictures.

Update:  I knew she'd come through.

Our own house was definitely lacking.
I have to admit Halloween is not my favourite holiday.
{You'll soon see which is.}
This sign is our lone decoration.
We didn't even do the obligatory pumpkin-carving.
I left our pumpkins outside and this is what happens when you thaw them.
Finally the actual day came, cue party #3.
This is where I really get my neighbourhood pride on.
A couple of Moms decided to throw a little pre-trick-or-treating party.
We got our little turtle and lion bundled right up and off we went.
{Daddy met us there since he was waiting for a customer.}
There was a pumpkin toss, crafts, a mystery box and of course treats.
I offered to contribute the mystery box and it was fun to watch the reactions.
The maggots{rice} and brains{spaghetti} were good but the winner was definitely the 
eyeballs{canned lychee} .
{Bonus: no grape peeling involved.}
mystery boxmystery box
Pumpkin toss
We hit about one street which was the perfect amount.
Again, we have the best neighbours.
There's really high involvement and they get pretty into it.
Many houses had halloween lights and one topped it off by offering the parents a choice of coffee, wine or Baileys.
 Yesterday we got another chance to dress up for a potluck at my work.
{I was especially glad since I forgot Fiona's make-up on Wednesday.}
Whew, that was a lot of celebrating, and it's not over.
The Mom's group that I joined when Fiona was born is getting together on Saturday.
{I always love seeing those Moms so am looking forward to it.}

And it goes on and on my friend.

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